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NewOctave Corporation ( is a leading U.S. manufacturer of professional piano tuning levers and associated tools, stringing, regulating and repair tools, pin block material, piano key tops, caster cups, upright & grand piano hammers, tuning pins for pianos and dulcimers, harpsichords and other "folk" instruments, piano wire & small wire for folk instruments, grand & upright piano action parts, paper and cloth key punchings, action cloth & damper felt, and many other products for the acoustic piano industry. NewOctave GlobalTM (NOG) products are now used by some of the world's finest piano manufacturers and NOG tuning & repair tools are the preferred choice of the best known and respected piano technology schools in the world.

For individual sales, NOG products are sold exclusively through core distribution channels who provide a ready-supply of quality merchandise to literally tens of thousands of people on all 7 continents. NewOctave GlobalTM brand products represent some of the most sought after piano technician supplies in the world!
(we also offer some of the best distribution pricing opportunities available anywhere in the pianosphere)

NewOctave GlobalTM Product Warranty
For individual purchases (non-stock trade / DIY), please visit the following preferred distributors:

Take Note Piano Supplies - (UK)

International Piano Supply, Inc. - (USA)

(for warranty service/assistance, questions pertaining to our product guarantees or participation in our marketing programs, please call us @ 503-338-7425 to find out more)

Recently added items:
Pin Block Support Jack, Flange Bushing Broach Kit, Hammer Head/Butt Drills, Piano Action Cradles, Clear Lucite Caster Cups, Center Pins, Key Buttons (grand & upright), Spinet & Upright Jacks w/ or w/o Flanges, Grand Shanks/Flanges, Grand Knuckles, Grand & Upright Backchecks, Yamaha Style Hammer Butts & Flanges, Let-off (regulating) Buttons & Screws, Solid Rosewood and Ebony Tuning Levers, Premium Quality Bored & Unbored Hammer sets (all NOG hammers are made using only the finest hi-grade German felt).
More quality products coming soon. . .watch us grow!

Test your knowledge of the grand piano!

NewOctave GlobalTM Product Catalogue
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For further information or inquiries pertaining to distribution rights and/or purchasing agreements only, please email: or call us @ 503-338-7425 during business hours (9AM-5PM PT, M-F)

*as NOC does not sell directly to end-users, pricing requests for one-time orders will not be answered by email.
Please send all such inquiries to our distributors via their respective websites above - thank you.

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